Замена воздушного фильтра на крайслер пацифика

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Hey ive got a question, what’s the thing that’s attached to the engine air filter, silver on the bottom and on the top if you pull the latch back and pull it out it’s like a circuit or something

Awesome, thanks for the video on the basic service

it seems like its a IS 350, its sounds louder

бедная машина! к казахам попала…

I just replaced the filter on my 2010 accent and it is a bit different but easier. I just took out the 2 tabs and the glove box folded down. My filter was accessible without removing the glovebox. I just had to pinch the tabs on the housing cover and pull it straight out. I removed/replaced filter then reinstalled everything. I had a hard time removing the glovebox tabs but found if I closed the glovebox to where it almost touched my arm I was able to remove it.

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still sounds way better and smoother running than my motor 🙂 and the engine compartment looks so clean: Hope youre doing well by the way I never got to buy those wheels earlier this summer. Found out in the last minute that the center ‘hole’/diameter was diferent it was smaller than on the saratoga so the wheels would not have fitted eventhough the bolt pattern was the same.

hi good video but what about warning light?

When doing this I broke the plastic cover that the wiring passes through. Is it possible to order a new one of these? I reassembled without it and I think it is what forces the air through the front end to heat it up. My blower works but it doesn’t come through the vents.

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Will this be the same method on a 2002 GMC Yukon Denali?

Sounds like no fuel pressure. Run a fuel pressure test to determine if the fuel pump is giving out

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да … его разбирать то

Quick, simple, and to the point. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything I was missing. The T15 info helps me a lot. Would have had to make an extra 30 min trip. Not sure why you have any thumbs down. The rest is self explanatory due to how everything is set. Like the placement of the filter. Replace it how the original was. Lol

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Мне друг сказал на пацифике с воздушным фильтром до сих пор все норм ))) Добрый вечер у меня такой вопрос, есть додж караван 3.3 и донор крайслер 2.5 срд без мотора но с пультом как сделать чтобы пульт работал на додже какое реле переставить, или что там за это отвечает. Или может прошивать что-то нужно?

Есть еше такая муля если залита синтетика любой производитель не рекомендует использовать промывочное масло так как это минеральное масло с промывочноми добавками. И при сливе минерального масла некоторое количество минералки остается в двигателе что при смешивании с синтетическими маслами приводит к свертыванию некоторых присадок!!!!

красавчик, давай видос про путишествие лучше

сколько масла влезает, если до верхней метки на щупе? У коллеги с работы на крайслер и без воздушного фильтра полно чем заняться можно >)

Да полезная информация! Спасибо!

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Неплохо, если более обстоятельно по воздушному фильтру на пацифике показал бы. Полезный ролик, думаю когда машина своя будет, вот и пригодится.

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Changing the center console on a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is not as easy as it seems watch the video and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

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почистите клапан ЕГР очистителем карбюраторов. приятно удивитесь, как заработает ваш двс.

u use 10w 30 online it’s says 5w is there s difference?

Never found gloves in my gloves box, never owned a duffle but if I did I have a bag to put it in…

hi i’m trying to clean the throttle body like you show in the video but when i turn on the key on the on position and floor the gas pedal the butterfly valve doesn’t open any suggestion?

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Wtf this is a pain in the ass maintenance item.

classy video yuh made bro good job

My 2007 Dodge Magnum also missing the cabin air filter housing.

Very clear instructions. Thanks a lot!

very nice car..i have a 91 shadow turbo i wish it had that new red

однорукий мастер…

i vas like why is he holding the rpms at 6k and then i remember it is a Nissan

Хорошее познавательное видео. Подскажите пожалуйста хватает ли 2ух киловатт в мороз обогреть салон мультика, думаю ставить на 2кв или 5кв?

Doesn’t »get» to 240, it crawls to 240.

he’s only put half a litre of oil in after an oil change?: why doesn’t he clean everything especially inside the oil filter housing.

SNOOP DOG- ‘The Lexus flexes from Long Beach to Texas… Texas hoes wanna get with this, but Snoop Dog is the shit bitch! ‘

Subscribed i have a 225 TT and i’ve ordered this and the led interior lights upgrade kit. Love your videos and that Quattro Sport!

Спасибо за видео. Можешь снять видео причины троения двигателя, не могу найти причину, троение бывает пропадает, а после как втопишь, снова начинает троить, и бенза жрет не мерено.

Ugh, not that ‘death panel’ bullshit again…

Thanks I just did mine. Dealer wanted $70

About 3 weeks ago I had my car inspected.  One thing it needed was a ball bearing.  When we got the car back we immediately noticed it seemed like it needed an alignment, but over the past week it’s gotten dramatically worse.  Not only does the car just go to the right, when we go around turns it actually throws you, often into oncoming traffic.  Today I noticed the steering wheel almost seems loose and you have to hold it tightly with both hands… any little bump and the cars allover the place.  Also I hear a scraping noise when I’m driving slowly into parking kits, etc (almost sounds like I’m dragging something).  To be honest, the reason I haven’t taken it in is because of money, that inspection cost us $830.  Does this sound like a simple alignment or could they have put the ball bearing in wrong?  I realize in order to diagnose it properly I’d need to take it in, but any advice is greatly appreciated!


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